St Joseph's Mission to Deaf People

War in Ukraine

The video to the left is a good explanation 

of the situation surrounding the war in Ukraine.

Please take the time to watch this video, as it will fill you in on the issues 

of the war and the history of this conflict.

A tour of St. Patrick's church both in sign language and voice over.

Deaf Awareness Week

This week is deaf awareness week.  Please be kind to everyone, if you realize someone is deaf, please do not begin to shout at them, they cannot hear you and shouting distorts your mouth patterns, which deaf people use to lip read.  Please always try to be "Deaf Aware".

St Joseph the Worker

This Year has been deemed by the Holy Father Pope Francis as a special year of St Joseph.  St Joseph is our Patron Saint, and so we ask his prayers for all our deaf community and their families.

St Joseph Pray for Us.


From now on.....


As from Sunday 19th April 2020, the Sunday 11:30am Mass in sign language will be live streamed every week, and this will be permanent. 

The camera's are good and it is easy to see the signing.

This also means any Funeral services we have here will also be available via the internet.

You need to go onto our parish web site and open LIVE STREAMING at the top of the page.  If you cannot get to mass for any reason, then you will be at least able to join in spiritually at home.

go to

Please tell your friends.



Patrick Badlands

Sadly we announce the sudden death of Patrick Badlands, he died in Halifax on 10th March. Due to the coronavirus Patrick' funeral was very small, with only 8 people allowed to attend.  Of course Fr Jim celebrated the service and there were representatives of the Deaf community present.  Once the  lock down is over, we will have a funeral service for Patrick, where we can celebrate his life in a proper manner.


The Catholic Deaf Association web site (CDA)

There is a new look to the CDA web site.  If you have not looked in on it for a while, it is worth having a peek.  The readings for every Sunday are there on the video button, and there are lots of other things beginning to happen, please take the  time to go and have a look.


90th Anniversary 

What a wonderful weekend of celebrations it was last Saturday for the 90th anniversary of SJMDP.  The Bishop was delighted with how things went and really enjoyed himself.  He has promised to do more practicing of his signing!
It was lovely to see so many people, many who had travelled long distances to be with us for this great day. Old friends getting together in celebration, what more can you ask for on a Saturday evening?

Thanks and congratulations to everyone who was involved in making this such a wonderful weekend.

90th Anniversary celebrations

We are almost ready for our celebrations at the end of the week.  Thanks to all who have helped get the Church and the hall ready.
St Joseph, patron Saint of the Deaf, pray for us!

St Joseph's statue, given a place on honour on the sanctuary.
Walsingham 2019
A good turn out was noted in Walsingham this year, which was good to see, with 2 bishops, Peter Brignal and Paul Hendrix the day got off to a fine start.  We began with a service of reconciliation in Little Walsingham, followed by the Holy Mile procession.  There was plenty of time for lunch and a catch up with people we had not seen for a while, and the day ended with Holy Mass.  All in all the day was a wonderful event.  There was just one thing that marred the day and that was a puncture in the mini bus on the way home.

Right - Peter Boardman getting ready to lead the procession.

Funeral of Jerry Hanifin

Wednesday 10th April at the beautiful church of Our Lady of Lourdes, Mickleover in Derby. What a wonderful tribute was given to Jerry at his Requiem Mass. The church was packed with over 300 people who gathered to give thanks to God for this man's wonderful life and his amazing work with the deaf over so many years, as well as to give support to Jerry's loving family.The weather was beautiful, the church a picture, and the tributes were simply wonderful. The requiem was led by three priests and a deacon, as well as tributes from his daughters, friends and colleagues. As a priest who has seen many hundreds of funerals over the years, I can say that Jerry's was one of the most memorable and special funerals I have ever attended.I would like to extend a huge thanks to Canon Ka Fi Lee, the Parish Priest who was so accomodating to all who attended Jerry's Funeral. ...........Fr Jim

Blackpool Conference 2019
Saturday 6th April saw another very successful conference in Blackpool.  We had our biggest numbers ever, and with input from Peter McDonough and Fr Paul Fletcher we came away with plenty to think about.  Sadly we were informed this will be the last time we will be able to use the Clairmont Hotel as they no longer take large group bookings like ours.  So onwards and upwards to find a new location!!

Deaf Community - please take note of the change to the Mass time on Easter Sunday!

Times of Masses and services for Holy Week

All at St Patrick's, except Sunday morning Mass.

Holy Thursday - no morning Mass.  Mass of the Lords Supper 7pm.

Good Friday -Stations of the Cross 11am. Service of the Lords Passion 3pm.

Holy Saturday - Vigil Mass at 6:30pm

Easter Sunday - Mass at St Malachy’s 9:30, Mass at St Patrick’s 11.00am
  combined with the Deaf community.

Its the big count down to Blackpool....
less than two weeks to go, and I am looking forward to meeting up with the gang.


It's that time of year again!!
Saturday 6th April 2019

One Day Conference in Blackpool

▪    Learn something about our Church and faith

▪    Good lunch

▪    Meet friends from the North West

▪    Free afternoon

▪    Mass with Fr Jim Clarke & Fr Paul Fletcher

Where:   Claremont Hotel, 272 Promenade, Blackpool FY1 1SA

£22.00 for the day 

[Conference, teas/coffees; lunch]

Talk given by Peter McDonough & Fr Paul Fletcher

Saturday 6th April 2019

10:30am - Tea and coffee

11:00am - Conference

12:15pm Lunch

Free afternoon

3:00pm - Mass

Bishop John Arnold's Pastoral Letter on climate change.

read on the weekend of 2nd & 3rd March 2019.
Signed here by Peter Mcdonough for the Deaf community.

International Deaf Pilgrimage to Lourdes 2018 

Organised by the CDA

Below is our group Photograph, taken while in Lourdes last week.  as you can see, we were blessed with good weather (well, for most of the week!)

I am sure I speak for all who went when I say we had a wonderful time, and would like to thank all those involved in the planning of this wonderful pilgrimage. - Fr Jim


Sr. Pauline will probable kill me for this..........
BUT......I wonder what she is saying?   Make up your own caption!
Walsingham 2018
What a wonderful day we had in Walsingham on Saturday.  Blessed with beautiful weather, and the quickest journey there and back I have ever known, what a day!
I know from those I have spoken to, that everyone had a splendid day, and appreciated both the spiritual input and the socialising with friends  from all over the country.
Thanks to everyone who came, and made this pilgrimage such a joyous   event.  I know  we all arrived home tired, but it was really worth it.........Until next year.

Gerry looking very much the part!
Ready to lead the procession to the shrine for Holy Mass.
Blackpool Conference 2018
click on photos to enlarge!
Yesterday 7th April, the clans gathered at the Claremont Hotel in Blackpool for this years Catholic Conference.  A great day was had by all who attended, the largest number ever; the day was led by Peter McDonough and Fr Paul Fletcher, on the theme "what makes me a Christian?"
This was followed by a wonderful lunch, with free time in the afternoon to chat or go for a walk, there was also Confession available for those who wanted.
Mass was celebrated at three o'clock and then the traditional raffle was called.  By the end of the day everyone had said what a good time they had had.
Here's to next year!
The gathering of the clans!
A bit of Hymn practice before Mass
Fr Paul in full flight!

Mass with Bishop John Arnold,
Thanks to all who helped 

We have made the front page of the

Diocesan Web Site!

Bishop John joins the Diocesan Deaf for Mass
Twice a year Bishop John joins the Deaf from around the Diocese to celebrate Mass for them in sign language.  He learned to sign many years ago when he used to sign Mass regularly for the Deaf in the Westminster Diocese.  
It has been a long tradition that the Deaf, from St Joseph’s Mission to Deaf People (SJMDP), invite the Bishop to an annual Mass, which in the past would have been interpreted for the Bishop.  When Bishop John arrived into the Diocese, he said he would like to celebrate Mass for the Deaf, twice a year, and so, now we have Mass with him every six months.

Last Sunday, 18th March, we had the privilege of Bishop John joining us once again for one of these Masses.  He spent an hour the day before with one of the deaf, practicing his signing, and on the day he did very well, and the Deaf were delighted with him, making such an effort with his signing skills.
After Mass, we had a celebration in the parish centre, with food and drink available to all.  Bishop John took the time to go around every table and have his photo taken, in this way everyone has a keepsake photograph, because almost everyone was on either one picture or another.
We at St Josephs Mission to Deaf People, know how busy the Bishop is, and we are always grateful for his time and the care he takes in preparing for Mass with us here at St Patrick’s.  Celebrating Mass in sign language, where you have to read the wording, voice over the words and sign all at the same time is not very easy, as it’s a little like doing three things at once as well as speaking two languages at the same time!
The only problem on the day was that 30 or so of the Deaf could not make it to St Patrick's because of the overnight snowfall, which was a real shame.
So once again we thank Bishop John for his time and care, and we look forward to our next Mass with him in six months’ time.
Fr Jim Clarke – Chaplain to the Deaf in the Diocese
And the whole team at SJMDP


Early Notice regarding the Easter Service Times 2018

Easter Services 2018 – All services will be at St Patrick’s Church (except Sunday)

Holy Thursday – Mass of the Lord’s Supper  7:00pm

Good Friday – Stations of the Cross 11:00am

Good Friday – Service of the Lord’s Passion 3:00pm

Easter Saturday – Vigil Mass of the Resurrection  6:30pm

Easter Sunday – Mass of Easter 9:30am ST MALACHY’S

Easter Sunday – Mass of Easter 11:00am ST PATRICK’S with SJMDP


Daily  Devotional prayer in BSL
simply press this link
This is maybe something you can do for Lent, or even better, make it a part of your daily life.  It only takes a few minutes to watch, but gives you much to think about.

Terence Harton R.I.P. - What a wonderful and fitting tribute we witnessed yesterday (23rd) to Terry, his requiem mass was a wonderful occasion of celebrating his life, and what a crowd turned up, people from Newcastle, London, Kent, Birmingham, Manchester and Ireland all came to give thanks to God for Terry's wonderful life.

Terence Harton RIP
Died 23rd January 2018
Terence's Requiem will take place on Friday 23rd February at 11am @ St Joseph's RC Church, Mount Plesant Road Pudsey LS28 7AZ

 AS well as the CDA Trip to Lourdes this year, there is also the annual Salford Diocese trip, the                                   details of this trip are below. All services and Masses are signed, and Fr Jim will                                                      be available for any interpreting that is needed.                                                        

                                                              Come and join us!!

                                    Salford Diocese 86th Lourdes pilgrimage - 2018
St Chads Deanery group

                                                                                   Departs 27th July 2018 returns 2nd August 2018.

                                                                                                    £700 per person sharing
                                                                                                         £850 in single room
                                                                                                               Cost include -
                                                                                         Return flights Manchester - Toulouse
                                                                                               Airport duty & passenger taxes.
                                                                                   1 suitcase per person for the aircraft holds 20kgs.
                                                                                       Return coach transfer to Manchester Airport.
                                                                                       6 night’s full board 4* Hotel Moderne Lourdes.
                                                                                               Half day excursion to Bartres.
                                         Deposit £100 per person, to be paid before 31st January 2018, balance payment due 9th June 2018.
                                                  All welcome to join this year’s pilgrimage, please contact Cecilia Fitzpatrick on 0161 653 8342.


Happy Christmas from Pope Francis - in sign language!!




Please pray for the repose of the soul of Bernard Hatton who sadly passed away on 27th November 2017.  We pray also for his wife Moira and his family at this sad time.  
May the Lord be merciful to him and may he now inherit the promise of eternal life. Amen.

Bernard's funeral will be as St Joseph's Church, Heywood, on 10th December at 10am. 

Christmas Mass and service times
Early Notice......
Christmas masses as follows
Tuesday 19th December _ Reconciliation service @7pm
Saturday  23rd December St Malachy's Mass at 6:30pm as usual
Sunday     24th December St Patrick's   Mass at 9:30am
                                                                Mass for the Deaf at 11:30am
Sunday Christmas eve  Carol Service at 6pm followed by Mass at 7pm at St Patrick's
Monday - Christmas Day                         Mass at St Malachy's at 9:30am
                                                                 Mass at St Patrick's at 11:30 am (combined with the Deaf)  

A special service for Deaf people who may have difficulties.
See video below!
8th November 2017
CDA  Northwest Meeting in Liverpool.
A good meeting was had by all, and we thank Sr. Dorothy for allowing us the use of the convent, and to The Nugent Team in Liverpool  for hosting the meeting so beautifully.  Thanks also to Fr Peter Fleetwood for signing the Mass for us.
The 2 images to the right show the meeting in progress.
Thanks to Denise for chairing the meeting, something she usually does not do!
We also enjoyed our lunch together once the meeting had concluded. 
The next meeting will be in March 2018 at St Joseph's in Manchester.



Guess who met the Pope this week?

The picture says it all!
Well done to all who attended the symposium in Rome over the past few days.
Saturday 21st October saw the AGM of the Catholic Deaf Association.

The day began with a morning meeting for the executive committee members.  Next, Bishop John celebrated Mass at 12:30pm, using sign language.  We then had a break for lunch, after which the AGM began.  Here are a number of photographs from the afternoon session.

Far left members listen to the presentation.  Second left Peter received Papal Blessing in thanks for 17 years as secretary of the CDA. Left - Thanks to Tom Black for his interpreting skills.


Bishop John's Pastoral letter
There is a video in BSL (Signed by Peter McDonough) of Bishops latest pastoral letter about "Hope in the Future" you can see it by clicking the video opposite.
To enlarge the image, once the video begins to run, use the box in the bottom right corner.

Lourdes 2018 - A special Pilgrimage for the deaf from all over the world! The CDA are attending....
Would you like to come?
See details below...