Lourdes 2019
Thanks to all those people who contributed to the St Chad's Deanery candle.  As you can see it burns brightly next to the Diocesan candle in the chapel of light in Lourdes.  It was blessed by the bishop, and all those who asked for prayers, they were offered, and the last mass celebrated in Lourdes was also offered for all the donors intentions.
The pilgrimage this year was a huge success and thanks goes to all those who put so much work in planning and executing the pilgrimage, it is a lot of work and we appreciate everything you do - you know who you are.

Lourdes 2020
Why not think about joining with the diocese next year by joining the St Chad's Deanery pilgrimage.  It is a wonderful place where you will see young people looking after the sick and infirmed in a true witness to the goodness of God at work in the work.  I cannot think of anywhere else that this happens
The photo below is of the Clergy who attended this years pilgrimage.
The following is what appeared next to this photo on the Diocesan Facebook page......

As Fr. Michael mentioned at our Closing Mass, with the current changes in our Diocese and the lower numbers of clergy, it is increasingly difficult for our priests to find cover for their parishes to enable them to come to Lourdes.
We sincerely thank all our priests for the commitment they have made and for their ministry in Lourdes.
Our Lady of Lourdes, pray for them.
Saint Bernadette, pray for them.

Back (L-R) Fr. Mark Paver, Fr. Richard Howard.
Front (L-R) Fr. Ged Fieldhouse-Byrne, Fr. Francis Wadsworth, Fr. Kieren Mullarkey, Fr. Colin Battell, Fr. Michael Jones, Cn. Michael Cooke VG, Bishop John Arnold, Bishop Emeritus Terence Brain, Fr. Peter Maloney, Fr. Callum Brown, Fr. John Mackie, Mgr. Michael Kujacz, Fr. Jim Clarke.

Photo courtesy of PHOTO LACAZE Lourdes. With thanks.

Come and join us next year, and you could be in the next group Photo!!
The Beautiful basilicas in the main domain - Lourdes
The English Pilgrims, including Salford Diocese preparing for Mass at the Grotto.


                                    We have returned!!

                                    Salford Diocese 86th Lourdes pilgrimage - 2018
St Chads Deanery group

    A truly great trip was had by all, new people travelling with us for the first time, and so new friendships made.  Masses shared, friendship shared (beer shared).  The week seemed to fly by.                                                                          

The wonderful crowned Virgin Statue
Our Lady of Lourdes asked us to "come in procesion" and so each year this is what we do. Of course there are some hardships along the way, usually to do with the time you have to wait these days at the airport.  But the travel difficulties aside (and I think pilgrimages are not supposed to be too easy), we soon realised that once again we had a wonderful group of people travelling with us this year, eagerly 

waiting to join up with the rest of those who had travelled with the Diocese, over 550 people this year.  From day one in Lourdes all went very smoothly, and each of the groups soon got into the swing of the pilgrimage, with a very full programme having been put together by the Diocesan organisers.
Above, getting ready for our St. Chad's Deanery group photograph.
In Lourdes, there are plenty of Masses and Rosaries offered, but along side the praying, there is plenty of socialising and mixing together, learning about one another, and sharing our time.  Sometimes this socialising went on long into the night...….that's all I will say!!
For anyone who has never been to Lourdes, there are moments that can catch you  off guard.  Moments that are very powerful and very moving.  It is in these moments that you get a sense of something very wonderful happening in Lourdes.  Visiting the Grotto, the baths, the stations of the cross or the service of reconciliation, all these things can mean different things to different people, but you can be assured that there are times which will pull at you spiritual heart strings.
Getting ready for the English Mass at the Grotto, lead by Bishop Mark Davies, and the homily given By Bishop John.

Jesus takes up his cross

One of the "New" lower stations of the cross.  Although they have been in Lourdes for some years now, they have recently been moved from the open space on the prairie to a place under the trees .  On the whole this was a good idea as it shades against the sun, but for a group the size of the Diocesan pilgrims which can be up the 300, (the rest do the high stations) it is a very tight squeeze. 

Photo Right

I think this was about the only  day it rained, and it did not last too long, the weather on the whole was hot and humid with a couple of clear and fresh days.

The banner was covered with plastic and so was well protected from the elements.

Below, getting ready for the twice weekly international mass.


You are able to watch what is going on at the Grotto in Lourdes, live!
Simply press the play button on the right and you will view the live web cam from the Grotto
If the link does not work - try this link instead

Joining in with the Diocesan pilgrimage to Lourdes 2017

Members of the Salford Diocese youth (blue shirts), with the honour and the privilege of carrying the Virgin Statue during the torch light procession 

Yours truly, signing for the deaf community and trying to look as though I know what I am doing!

Every Mass and Service is always signed, so if you are deaf, or know someone who is, and you think they might like to come on  pilgrimage, why not ask them if they would like to come and join us?


Mass of the blessing of the sick
This is a beautiful mass, where the young people hold hands right around the church, thus, enfolding the entire community into their caring protection.  I always find this very moving indeed, and I thank God for our young helpers who work so long and hard during our week in Lourdes, they are a credit to their families and their communities back home.
Always smiles all round.
You might recognise these two!

Frs. Ged and Peter in procession for one of the masses at one of the many churches we used during our week together.

The said Mass!
People await the beginning of mass...