The Good Life Orphanage are Celebrating 13 wonderful years!
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The Good Life Orphanage
The Good Life Orphanage is run, and was built by Kevin & Mary Maguire, from Bury.  The story of how it came into being is a long one, suffice to say it began in 2007.  Now it is home to 70 children, with the addition of a school for 350 children from the local area.  Since the beginning, the project has grown beyond all recognition, and the work that is going on there is nothing other than miraculous.  To see children arrive at the orphanage, sometimes at deaths door, to see them recover and then flourish is a wonder to behold.  Mary and Kevin have received many accolades over the years, including Woman of the year for Mary; but the two of them are not really into publicity (other than having to raise £70.000 a year), and they just get on with the job of helping all these children in the most remarkable way.  I take time to visit the Orphanage every two years to see how things are progressing, and each time I go I am staggered by the wonderful things happening in this very poor area of Kenya.
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Kevin & Mary Maguire, founders, builders,, money raisers, and all round wonderful people!
One of the reasons I am so impressed with what happens at the GLO, is the fact that there are NO administration costs taken from donations, Mary and Kevin do the work for nothing, and anyone who goes to help out, including me, pays their own way.  So every penny that is given to the orphanage goes to the children.  I wish I was able to put into words what has happened with the children who are lucky enough to fall under the wings of Kevin and Mary (and they really are angels),. you have to witness the change in the children to believe it, their health, confidence, education and growth all take off as they become part of this rather unique family in the middle of the bush in Kenya.  Please take time to look at the bog (link above) which gives an insight to the day to day running of this wonderful home.