We have a New Saint!
Saint John Henry Newman
He was canonised on Sunday 13th October (last Sunday) by the Pope in Rome.  
He is the first English Saint since the cannonisation of the 40 martyrs of England and Wales in 1970,  and it has taken many years to have his validity as a saint proved.  But the hard work has paid off and a Saint he has become.  We pray for the Oratorians at this time that their work  will be renewed and continue to be inspired by this great and Holy Man.

Holiday in Germany
Quite a number of people have asked if we enjoyed our holiday in Germany.  Thanks for asking, and the answer is yes, loved it.  The photo opposite shows where we were staying, in the Mosel Valley,  who would you not enjoy this place??  Weather was glorious, so we had a wonderful stay.
Lourdes 2019
Thanks to all those people who contributed to the St Chad's Deanery candle.  As you can see it burns brightly next to the Diocesan candle in the chapel of light in Lourdes.  It was blessed by the bishop, and all those who asked for prayers, they were offered, and the last mass celebrated in Lourdes was also offered for all the donors intentions.
The pilgrimage this year was a huge success and thanks goes to all those who put so much work in planning and executing the pilgrimage, it is a lot of work and we appreciate everything you do - you know who you are.

Lourdes 2020
Why not think about joining with the diocese next year by joining the St Chad's Deanery pilgrimage.  It is a wonderful place where you will see young people looking after the sick and infirmed in a true witness to the goodness of God at work in the work.  I cannot think of anywhere else that this happens
More photo's on the Parish Pilgrimage page - Button above


Papal Blessing
Sr Regina receives a Papal Blessing from the community of St Malachy's, in respect of her 50 years of service as a Presentation Sister.  Many of those years were given working in  the school at St Malachy's, and even after her retirement, she has always been a huge supporter of everything that goes on in the Parish.
The people of St Malachy's thank Sr Regina for all she has done over many years and pray that this Papal blessing will show  Sister just how much she means to the community of St Malachy's.

Deanery Candle for Lourdes - 

NEXT SUNDAY is the last chance to get your prayer slips in.
There is only one week left before we head off to Lourdes for this years pilgrimage.  As always, if you would like to have someone prayed for specifically, would you please add their name to the slip below, cut the slip off the newsletter, and give it to Fr. Jim next week.  We will be having a large candle, and all the names of the  people will be added to it as it is left burning opposite the Grotto in Lourdes. We ask a donation of £1 towards the cost of the candle, or whatever you would like to give. Thank you.

Sign Class

We have now finished our classes, I hope thaty you have enjoyed them and that you have learned a little of what it is  to communicate with someone who is deaf.  Thanks to all who joined in the class.


Thank you Thank you Thank you
Thanks to everyone who was involved in the Bishops Visitation at the weekend, from what I saw, he was impressed how things were running and enjoyed his visit.  Thanks to those involved in the 90th anniversary preparations for SJMDP, and thanks to all who cleaned the churches, provided refreshments, to the musicians and the alter servers etc, there are so many involved in such a visit, and I have to thank you all.
God bless you for all you do!


Learning sign language.

On one of the buttons at the top of this page (intro to BSL) you will find a 10 week course on learning sign language, (we have just finished week 5).  Each week there is a video, along with instructions and vocabulary.  If you follow this course and are prepared to practice; by the end,  you will be able to hold a conversation with a deaf person.  Why not join in?

I have found my brother

A beautiful song, sung by our very own Br Ruben.  I am not sure if he wrote the song, I must remember to ask him and I will let you know.......
I asked Bro. Ruben about the song and this is his reply... 

....When the Missionaries of Charity Brothers opened a house in a remote part of Ethiopia in 2018, the first person they took in was an 8 year old child. He arrived very ill and severely malnourished. He died soon after. His name, translated from the local language, was: “I HAVE FOUND MY BROTHER”. Brothers Marc and Ruben and our friend Cal in Manchester have composed this song for all those for whom we have become brothers, and whom we love as the brothers and sisters that God gave us through our mission. The song is about three true stories of extraordinary people. The first one is Steven, a 12 year old child in Kolkata who even terminally ill with AIDS could not stop dancing. The second is our Harry here in Manchester , whose dementia has erased every memory from his mind... but a song that we sing together every time we visit him. The last one is one of our boys in the young offenders prison in Lima, Peru. He was completely broken by his being in a gang, but our circus group brought him back to the joy of living. To them and countless others, all our love and admiration.

Organ recital

Stephen Mann will be giving an Organ recital here in St Patrick’s on 5th July
at 7pm. He will perform a host of well loved classical pieces, I am
sure you will recognise them all. The acoustics in our church are made for this kind of organ recital, so put the date in your diary! Entry is free, but there will be a retiring collection to help raise money to have our organ overhauled. See the poster at the back of church for more information on what Stephen will be playing.


WEDNESDAY 5th June 2019
FROM 7 - 8PM

Class 1,2 & 3's video now available on Intro to BSL button above

For news regarding funerals - please go to the newsletter page of this site. Thank you.

St Patrick's  F P Association -  are holding their annual Whitsun Dance at St Herberts Parish Centre , Broadway, on Friday 7th  June from 8-00pm, Tickets priced  £6-00  can be obtained from  Pat O'Dowd. 0161-643-5225 and Peter Hovington  01706-369749.  or any committee member.

Friday 29th March
Please note that the Funeral today for the late Joseph Kilroy is at 11am NOT at 10am as previously advertised on the parish newsletter.

St Patrick's Night Do

Thanks to all who came to the St Patrick's Celebration on Friday. I think everyone enjoyed themselves, and Tony to the right was in fine form!

Thanks also to those who helped to put together a great evening entertainment.

For those who came to the coffee morning on St Patrick's day....what can I say?  A fantastic turn out and a real community atmosphere. Thanks Also to those who provided food and helped out with getting the hall ready and the big clean up afterwards!

St Patrick’s Gala Evening & Caili
See the poster at back of church
Friday 15th March from 7:00pm.  With The Edmund Usher Caili Band, Fr. Jim Angela Usher, and dances called by Anne Clinton.  Tickets £5 with hot pot supper thrown in, 

St Chad’s Deanery Pilgrimage to Lourdes 2019

St Chad’s Deanery Pilgrimage to Lourdes 2019
The cost of the Pilgrimage this year is £780 and is an 8 day Pilgrimage (the Diocese is only 7 days, please take this into consideration when comparing price) which includes everything except insurance. 

For more information  Please speak with Fr Jim.

Funeral arrangements for the Late Anne Dunne

The Funeral for the Late Anne Dunne will be on Tuesday 29th January at 10.00am in Church followed by internment at Moston Cemetery at 11:30am.

People have asked! So. here is Early Notice of Station Masses for Lent!!
March 13th, St Anne’s higher Openshaw,  March 20th St Anne’s Crumpsall, March 27th St Margaret Mary New Moston, April 3rd Christ The King Newton Heath, April 10th Parish of the Holy Spirit.  All Masses start at 7:30pm  April 17th Penitential Service St Clare’s Blackley @ 7pm

Lourdes 2019

It will soon be time to sign up for the Pilgrimage to Lourdes for September this year.  Please watch the newsletter for when the information about dates and costings become available.  But now is the time to think about whether you would like to come or not.  If it has been a while, or if you have never been to Lourdes before, why not think about coming along and joining in this wonderful experience of a pilgrimage crossed with a happy holiday!


Up and coming events
Tuesday 18th December   6:30pm - musical extravaganza in St Patrick's Church
Wednesday 19th December school  Carol Service at  2pm in St Malachy's Church
20th December Mass in St Malachy's Church at 9:15am
20th December Mass in St Patrick's Church at 11:ooam

Advent explained in a couple of minutes!

Why not take the time to look at the video opposite.

Christmas Fair
     Thanks to all who came to the two Christmas Fair's over the past two days, great crowds arrived at St Malachy's on Saturday, and huge crows turned up again at St Patrick's today, thank you for coming, we would not have a fair without you.  Thanks also to the gang of volunteers in both church communities for all the work you do, it is truly much appreciated.
I will publish the takings as soon as I have them!

Christmas Service and Mass Times (2018)
Early Notice...... 

Monday Christmas eve                  Carol Service by candlelight at 6:15pm 
                                                             followed by Mass at 7pm, both at St Patrick's
Monday - Christmas Day               Mass at St Malachy's at 9:30am
                                                             Mass at St Patrick's at 11:00 am (combined with the Deaf)  

to all who came to the quiz night last night.
Another most successful evening, and we managed to raise £600 for the Good Life Orphanage!
So well done and thanks to all who came and of course all who helped out in ANY WAY!
Thanks also to all those who came to the celebrations last Saturday at St Malachy's, it turned into a wonderful evening of entertainment and celebration.

Remembrance Sunday Radio Special 

with Heavens Road FM Catholic Radio

I have produced a SPECIAL radio show for Heavens Road FM for Rememberance Sunday this year.  Why not tune in on the day and have a listen.
This is the link to the station!

This Wednesday (7th November)
Come and join us if you can and join in the fun

Bishop John's latest Pastoral letter is now

 available - please click the button at the top of

 the page "Pastoral Letters".

 Many have asked
The film I spoke about in my homily at the weekend is called "Left behind" staring Nichols Cage and was on Chanel 5 on Saturday afternoon.
Here is the film, which I found on line.

Click on the film (left|), then click on the word YouTube, to watch it full screen. 
These are the clergy that travelled to Lourdes this year.
Why not think about coming to join us in 2019?
It is a fantastic week, and everyone has a great time.

Maybe one for our

 young people?



We have returned!!

                                    Salford Diocese 86th Lourdes pilgrimage - 2018
 St Chads Deanery group

To see more, please go to the "Parish Pilgrimage" button at the top of this page!


For those who may ask........
But Father what do you do all day?

Written by a parish priest who has since - perhaps understandably! – retired
Leader of people, wisest of guides; diplomat, elder, who never takes sides. Inspirer, Confessor, forgiver of sins; caretaker, cleaner and emptier of bins. Welcome baptizer of infants in arms; counter of candles and filler of forms,
Father and teacher, chaplain to schools; chairman of governors, maker of rules.
Guide of the juniors, infants and staff with time to be serious, time for a laugh.
Counselor, preacher, entertainer at times; ever available till midnight chimes,
Parish accountant and administrator; typist and banker, and news duplicator.
Signer of mass cards, reference composer, certificate writer and passport endorser.
Digger of gardens, inspector of drains, checker of roofs every time that it rains.
Re designer of churches, to fill empty pews, re-glazier of windows, repairer of loos.
Visitor, caller, knocker on doors, target of gossips and cadgers and bores.
Chaplain to hospital, long or short stay, ‘please don’t forget, my Mum’s in for the day’. the doctors and’ nurses all merit a call, smile kindly at everyone - keep on the ball,
Sayer of masses and liturgy leader, celebrant, sacristan, cantor and reader.
Marshal of servers, collectors and choir; of hymn books and papers  - both seller and buyer.
President of Eucharist, calm as you like - “but did I remember to switch on the mic!
Celebrant of masses, devotions and prayers, patient receiver of everyone’s cares. Marriage encounter and parish renewal; Journeys of Faith and liturgical jewels.
Shepherd to prayer groups, prophet and pastor; spiritual director and guru and master. Front line evangelist, missioner, catalyst; guardian of faith and converter and catechist,
Supporter of cafod and Christian Aid, with boxes and envelopes of all shapes and shades, Friend of the Anglicans, Methodists, Jews, Muslems and Buddhists - and everyone’s views.
Joint schemes and services, unity prayers, civic occasions and parties and fayers.
Blesser of Rosaries, of houses and homes, the power and the glory still stretching from Rome.
Help of the sick and anoint-er and healer; support for the dying and final appealer,
Conductor of funerals, comfort of mourners, called to give solace to even the scorners.
By bingo enthusiasts and drinkers, he’s seen, as the beginning and end of the social life scene.
Drawer of Raffles, Jumble Sales, Stalls - now rushing to Court to re-license the Hall.
Minister of marriage, the guide of young love, adviser of couples who need help from above.
Provider of insight into all life connubial; collector of forms for the marriage tribunal.
Man of prayer and reflection, of study and thought, but still finding time for the news and the
 sport. Looker after of the parish next door, when their priest is sick and down on all fours, worries about wedding preparation and whether he has the right information.
Something for everyone you might exclaim, but when things go wrong who is it they blame?

Why isn’t Father available – 
he’s never there when I want him!

                                                     19th July 2018

Quiz Night - Thank you
Thanks to all came to the Quiz night last night, 92 people enjoyed the evening and we made £616 for the Good Life Orphanage.  Because of the interest shown, I have decided to run a Quiz evening every 3 months.
Well done to the winning team, and to all who came along to support us. - Fr Jim
Watch this space for the next one!


Pope Francis explains the Hail Mary phrase by phrase. 

And he remembers a mother who had an amazing gift of counsel. Here's the advice she gave her son:  We all recite the Hail Mary, but how many of us know its true meaning? What is the prayer really saying?  In the book, "Mary, Mother of All" ("María, Mamma di tutti"), Pope Francis himself teaches us the meaning of the words of this essential prayer.

Hail Mary, Full of Grace - The Angel Gabriel calls Mary "full of grace" (Lk 1:28); in her, the pope explains, "there is no room for sin, because God has chosen her from all eternity to be the mother of Jesus, and has preserved her from original sin." "The Word became flesh in her womb. We, too, are asked to listen to God, who speaks to us, and to accept His will. The Lord always speaks to us

."The Lord is with you What happened in a unique way in the Virgin Mary, Francis says, "happens on a spiritual level in us as well when we welcome the Word of God with a good and sincere heart, and put it into practice. It happens as if God were to become flesh in us; He comes to live in us, because He makes His home in those who love Him and obey His Word. It's not easy to understand this, but, yes, it's easy to feel it in your heart." "Do we think that the incarnation of Jesus is only a past event, that it doesn't affect us personally? Believing in Jesus means offering Him our body, with the same humility and courage as Mary."

Blessed are you among womenHow did Mary live her faith? "She lived it," the pope answers, "in the simplicity of the many daily occupations and worries of every mom, such as providing food and clothing, and taking care of the house... Precisely this normal existence of the Virgin was the ground on which a singular rapport and profound dialogue between her and God, between her and her Son, developed."

Blessed is the fruit of your womb, Jesus. Mary is receptive, but not passive, Francis explains. - "Just as she receives the power of the Holy Spirit at a physical level, but then gives flesh and blood to the Son of God who takes form in Her, so also on a spiritual level, she receives grace and responds to it with faith. For this reason, Saint Augustine says that the Virgin 'conceived in her heart before in her womb.' She conceived faith first, and then the Lord."

Holy Mary, Mother of GodThe Mother of the Redeemer, the pope continues, "precedes us and constantly confirms us in the faith, in our vocation, and in our mission. With her example of humility and readiness to obey God's will, she helps us to translate our faith into a joyful proclamation of the Gospel, without borders.”

Pray for us sinnersIn order to explain the meaning of this passage of the prayer, Francis relates an anecdote:  "I remember how once, at the Shrine of Luján, I was in the confessional, in front of which there was a long line. There was also a young man who was very modern, with earrings, tattoos, all those things... And he had come to tell me what was going on with him. It was a big problem, very difficult. And he said to me, 'I told my mom all of this, and my mom said: Go to the Blessed Virgin and she will tell you what to do.' Now, that's a woman who had the gift of counsel. She didn't know how to solve her son's problem, but she pointed out the right path: go to the Blessed Virgin, and she will tell you. This is the gift of counsel. That humble, simple woman gave her son the best advice. In fact, the young man said to me, 'I looked at the Blessed Virgin and I felt that I should do this, this, and this...' I didn't need to talk; his mom and the young man himself had already said everything. This is the gift of counsel. You moms, who have this gift: ask that it be given to your children. The gift of counseling your children is a gift of God."

Now, and at the hour of our death - Let us entrust ourselves to Mary, Pope Francis says, "so that she, as the Mother of our first-born brother, Jesus, can teach us to have the same maternal spirit towards our brothers, with a sincere ability to accept, to forgive, to strengthen, and to infuse confidence and hope. And this is what a mom does." Mary's path towards Heaven began "with that 'yes' she spoke in Nazareth, in reply to the heavenly Messenger who announced to her God's will for her. In reality, that's exactly how it is: every 'yes' to God is a step toward Heaven, toward eternal life."


Sunday 15th July 2018
Tea and Cake afternoon

Thanks to all who came to yesterdays fund raiser for the parish coffers, there was a great turn out of over 60 people..  Just over £500 was made, which is a fantastic amount!  Thanks to Sr Anne and her team for all the hard work they put in to make the day such a success.  Thanks also to those who offered prizes for the draw, on the whole, a most successful and satisfying afternoon!
A great walk of witness ensued on Sunday at the Italian Marian walk.  The weather was glorious and the crowd was  larger than previous years, with thousands looking on.  Well done to all helpers and walkers - good day was had by all.

How's this for talent?
If you have not yet seen this video, it is the one they are all talking about.  Marcelito has an extraordinary gift, so make sure you watch at least the first 2 minutes of the video to see what happens! 


I love stuff like this

This image of a young man with flowing water

.....is not a black and white photograph

.....it is a pencil drawing!

It's amazing the skill and talent of some artists!!

Did you see this?
A message from yours truly that went out on Easter Sunday morning!!

The message from Bishop John that I read to the community of St Malachy's on Easter Sunday morning.
This will allow you read it at your leisure.

My dear Brothers and Sisters in Christ,


Last summer we agreed a period of experimentation with a new parish Mass schedule in the hope that we might avoid the closure of St Malachy’s church. I am very grateful to all those who have assisted the celebration of the Saturday evening Mass. I write now to tell you that, at least for the foreseeable future, I am pleased to confirm that the Saturday evening Mass will continue. However, it is important that everything that takes place at St Malachy’s needs to done in collaboration with St Patrick’s, the Parish Church, and with the approval of Fr Jim the Parish Priest. It is equally important that the whole parish begins to engage in our pastoral initiative “Hope in the Future”, inviting individuals to take responsibilities that will develop ministries and allow Fr Jim to carry out the pastoral and sacramental ministry, free of additional administration. There is much that members of the community can undertake, both in administration and in pastoral ministry, and we must develop these responsibilities as we grow as “mission parishes”. I am particularly grateful to the members of the community who have taken a lead role in the “Hope in the Future programme” at St Malachy’s and I would ask you to assist them in developing the pastoral ministry. In the near future a major housing development is due to take place in Collyhurst and you will have the opportunity of welcoming newcomers. I hope that you can see this time as a privileged moment of preparation for your “mission”.

With my prayers and blessing

Bishop John Arnold

The Good Life Orphanage are Celebrating 10 wonderful years!
see their page - using the button at the top of this page

Changes to Mass Times
Please Note
Friday this week, the morning mass is replaced by a Requiem Mass at 12 noon.
Saturday's morning Mass is cancelled.


Easter Blessings & Thanks!
Thank you top all who helped out in any way with getting the church ready for the Triduum, the place looks amazing!  I hope that all who attended the services found them to be moving, and spiritually uplifting.  A lot of work goes into Easter week and I am grateful for all that happens with the input of the Sisters and the parishioners.  It would not be possible to do what we do without the co-operation of so many.  
Blessings on you all, and may the Risen Lord inspire us to keep the faith and carry the cross!
We are all ready for the Easter Vigil of The Lord

Thanks to Sr. Anne ands her team!
The church looks spectacular!

Thanks to Sr Regina and her team over at St Malachy''s.  The Sanctuary is beautiful!

May God Bless us all in this Holy Season!
An Easter Message!
On behalf of Fr Peter and myself, we would like to extent to you and your families, every blessing of this most Holy Season.
We pray that the Risen Lord will continue to be your inspiration, and may the Joy of Easter strengthen your faith both now and for ever.
                                                                                                   Frs. Peter & Jim

The Deaf Mass with Bishop John on Sunday
We have made the front page of the Diocesan web site!


St Chad's Deanery
Lenten Station Mass

The Last One for this Lent
This Wednesday 21st March
St Dunstan's Church Moston Lane at 7:30pm

Please come and support this important Mass , and do a little extra for Lent!


Early Notice regarding the Easter Service Times 2018

Easter Services 2018 – All services will be at St Patrick’s Church (except Sunday)

Holy Thursday – Mass of the Lord’s Supper  7:00pm

Good Friday – Stations of the Cross 11:00am

Good Friday – Service of the Lord’s Passion 3:00pm

Easter Saturday – Vigil Mass of the Resurrection  6:30pm

Easter Sunday – Mass of Easter 9:30am ST MALACHY’S

Easter Sunday – Mass of Easter 11:00am ST PATRICK’S with SJMDP

Friday "Beggarmans" Lunch

This is to raise funds for the Good Life Orphanage in Kenya.
If you can, please come and join us for some home made soup Each Friday in Lent (except Good Friday)  from 12 noon until 1:30pm.  This is a chance to socialise as a parish community  and is wa welcome distraction to the mad world we live in.

The Lenten Station Masses for St Chad's Deanary 
At last we have the dates for the station Masses, they are as follows

Lenten station Masses 2018

It's Our turn to host the Station Mass

Please come if you are able to come!!

Wed 14th – St Patrick’s Livesey St. @ 7:30pm

Wed 21st – St Dunstan’s Moston @ 7:30pm

Wed 28th – Penitential Service, St Clare’s @ 7pm


Parish Pod Cast number 3 - 

                                     Happy Birthday Sr. Phil
Sr. Philomena celebrating her 90th Birthday with the community after the 9:30am Mass

Parish Pod Cast - number Two!
This is a new venture, and a new way to get news and events out to people in the parishes as well as anyone who happens to pass by the web site.
You can find the link here
please give it a try.

Hope in the future (St Malachy's address)
n October representatives from all parishes in the diocese met at the cathedral with Bishop John, to launch the programme Hope in the future.  Each parish received this beautifully framed Icon of the Saint Damiano Cross, Cath Jones received it on behalf of St. Malachy's and it now stands in front of our lectern.
Saint Francis was praying in front of the Saint Damiano Cross when he received a commission from the Lord, to rebuild the Church.  Not with bricks and mortar but to rebuild the Church spiritually and make its strong and steadfast.
Hope in the future is an initiative designed to develop and prepare the Church for future generations and answer the call of Pope Francis for all to be missionary disciples.  The programme is an invitation to every parish in the diocese to recognise its potential and develop its missionary identity
Missionary parish, what could it mean in practical terms?
How we as a parish can work together to support Fr. Jim in his mystery as our parish priests, and help to strengthen and develop the good work which is already underway, for example, the work of the presentation sisters, the Brothers of Charity, St. Malachy’s school and the Lalley centre.
A small group of parishioners met to discuss/ think about how we could get this initiative underway here at St. Malachy’s.   The first thing we need is help, your help and ideas, so how can you as a family/ individual continue to support the growth and the development of the parish?
If you are good at odd jobs, or DIY.
If you could help with church cleaning.
If you would like to be a reader or take up the offertory.
If you can help out in any other way that hasn’t been mentioned, we would like to hear from you.
Please do think about what has been said through the coming week.  Next week there will be paper and pencils available for you to jot down what you would like to help us with.  If you feel you cannot help physically, you can still help by praying for the success of Hope in the future.
Stay with us lord on our journey.

CARITAS Diocese of Salford
CARITAS is the diocesan charity, which under it's umbrella title, has 21 different charity areas, some of these include Community Sponsorship of Refugees, Caritas Schools’ ServiceFostering Service, Northwest Befriending Service, Cornerstone, The   Lalley Centre, St Joseph's Mission to Deaf People, and a Mother and Baby unit and Adoption Support Service
CARITAS Sunday will be on the 28th January, and there will be a retiring collection that day for all the work they do.  Mass that day will be focusing on some of the work carried out by CARITAS, they do great work, and are your voice working in the community.  
If you would like to know more you can see their own web site athttps://www.caritassalford.org.uk/

Want to know more about the Gospel of Mark?
Fr Christopher Lough will lead an introduction to this earliest and shortest of the Gospels, outlining some of the main themes and ideas to look out for over the coming weeks and months.  There will also be an opportunity to work in a relaxed way with some of the stories that Mark sets before us.
On Monday 22nd January 2018 at St Anne’s Parish Hall, 1537 Ashton Old Road, Higher Openshaw, Manchester M11 1GR from 7.30 to 9.00 pm.
All welcome. Refreshments available from 7.00 pm. There is no charge for the evening. Ample parking. Bus 219 stops at the door.

Salford Diocese E-Newsletter
You can stay in the know by signing up for the Salford diocese E-Newsletter, by visiting the diocesan webpage at dioceseofsalford.org.uk
Christmas Weekend
For times of services and masses over the Christmas weekend and for Christmas Day, please see the newsletter page.
All the information you require is there!

Fr Eugene Dolan R.I.P

It is with sadness that the Diocese announces the death of Canon Eugene Dolan, who went home to the Lord at 8pm on 7th December.  Eugene died peacefully at home in Derry.  He had been priest at St Edward's, Lees in Oldham since 1970 and Parish Priest there since 1974.  We extend our sympathy to his family, his friends and of course to his extended family of the parishioners of St Edward's.


Our Lady of Guadalupe

Dear Friends,
Please can you advertise the following in your parish noticeboards, newsletters and prayer groups:
The missionary image of Our Lady of Guadalupe visits:
St Mary’s Catholic shrine
Smith Street

Tuesday 12th December 2017
‘Feast day of Our Lady of Guadalupe’
Church open 9am-5pm
11:30am: Holy Rosary (English) and Litanies of Our Lady
11:40am onwards: Confessions
12:10pm: Holy Mass in honour of Our Lady of Guadalupe, Protectress of the Unborn
(Mass in Latin, with English translation and homily on the sanctity of human life)
Wednesday 13th December 2017
1:00pm: Advent talk about Our Lady of Guadalupe


St Malachy’s Christmas Fair
Thank you!
Thanks to all who helped out in any way with the fair last Sunday, the total was a staggering £1768.00, well done to everyone involved.

St Patrick's Christmas Fair
The total made on Sunday was £1570, which is a wonderful amount, considering we have the raffle to come in on top of this.  Let's have a last push to sell as many tickets for the raffle as we can.
Thanks to everyone who helped out on the day and also thanks to those who came along, it was great to see such a huge crowd.

Mistake on this weeks printed newsletter!
Mass this Sunday is back to the usual time of 9:30am and 11:30am, I forgot to change the details from last week. I do appologise for any misunderstanding.

Early Notice......
Christmas masses as follows
Tuesday 19th December _ Reconciliation service @7pm
Saturday  23rd December St Malachy's Mass at 6:30pm as usual
Sunday     24th December St Patrick's   Mass at 9:30am
                                                                Mass for the Deaf at 11:30am
Sunday Christmas eve  Carol Service at 6pm followed by Mass at 7pm at St Patrick's
Monday - Christmas Day                         Mass at St Malachy's at 9:30am
                                                                 Mass at St Patrick's at 11:30 am (combined with the Deaf)  

Please Note – Funeral details - This week

The funeral details for the late James John Kennedy are – a service at Blackly Crematorium on Tuesday 21st November at 1pm.

Friday Requiem for Marie Hindle at 9:30am in Church

Friday also - Funeral service for the late John Neill at 12:30pm in Church



Our congratulations go to Marion & John Dalton, on their 60th Wedding anniversary.  What an achievement, and what a wonderful example to the young.  May God continue to bless them in their married life together.

The photograph shows them cutting the cake in St Bridget's room, as part of the community celebration of their anniversary.


St Patrick's Old Boys Association

The Old Boy's will be joining us for Mass next Sunday (19th November), where we remember all those past students of St Patrick's who have been taken home by the Lord.  

We welcome the Association, and pray for all their members, living and deceased.

- oOo-

You are invited to a series of talks for Advent!


What can a penniless foreign widow, an elderly barren woman and a young Virgin mother tell us today about welcoming Jesus, God-with-us? 

Join us at Wardley Hall for our Advent series:


1st December: Ruth, Naomi and Boaz: Promise Foretold

8th December: Zechariah, Elizabeth and John the Baptist:       Promise Foreshadowed

15th December: Mary, Joseph and Jesus: Promised Fulfilled

Time: 10:30 – 12:30 (Tea and coffee provided)

Format: Prayer and Lectio Divina; reflection on Scripture passages and their relevance for today; discussion.

Presenters: Sister Joan Kerley, FMSJ and Maria Kidd 

Contact: 1. Marie Sartini, Bishop’s PA, Wardley Hall, Worsley M28 2ND; 0161 794 2825 E: Marie.sartini@dioceseofsalford.org.uk   

2. Sister Joan Kerley, FMSJ; 0161 9717842; E: joankfmsj@gmail.com 


For those who may be interested, below is a letter from the Bishops Conference of England  &  Wales, and the use of the Bread and Wine for the liturgy.

More news from across the Diocese
The Bishop has recently announced that the following parishes will be amalgamated.  These changes have come into effect immediately.
  • St Christopher, Ashton, and St Mary of the Angels, Ashton will form the new parish of Holy Cross and St Helen, Ashton under Lyne.
  • St Mary’s, Levenshulme, and St Richard, Longsight will form the new parish of St Robert of Newminster.
  • St Willibrord, Clayton, and St Anne and St Bridgid, Ancoats and Bradford will form the new parish of The Holy Spirit, Manchester.
  • St Anne, Accrington, and St Joseph, Accrington will form the new parish of St Anne and St Joseph, Accrington.
  • St John the Evangelist, Bromley Cross, St Brendan, Harwood, and St Columba, Tonge Moor will form the new parish of Corpus Christi, Bolton.
Many of these parishes have been working together for a number of years. We offer our prayers to the new parishes as they come together as a community in worship and to build strong missionary parishes.

 Canon Kevin O'Connor R.I.P.

Sadly, the Diocese announces the death of Canon Kevin O'Connor, who died peacefully today (24.10.17) in North Manchester General Hospital.
In your charity please pray for his eternal soul, as well as the members of his family, and the community of St Margaret Mary's in New Moston, where Kevin had served for many years.

The picture to the immediate right was taken at Kevin s 60th Priestly Anniversary Celebrations.
Kevin was huge into music and conducted the choir for the visit of John Paul II in 1982 in Heaton Park, something he was very proud of.
A huge personality who will be sadly missed.


Thank you!
Thanks to all  those people who have dropped into the web site for a look, there have been over 300 in the past week;  I am delighted with the numbers.  I hope that you are finding it useful, but if there is anything you would like to see on the site, please drop me an email and I will see what I can do to include your idea.

Hope in the future
Had a meeting last night regarding the next stage in the HOPE IN THE FUTURE programme.   The next thing to happen will be an initial meeting for those who have shown interest.  The date for the meeting will be on this weeks newsletter, for all those interested, please special note of the time and date and please try to attend.
Fr. Michael Fleming R.I.P.

Please pray for the repose of the soul of Fr. Michael Fleming who so sadly passed away during the week.  Michael was at Seminary with me and was a good friend.  He will be sadly missed by so many people.

The details of Fr. Michael's Requiem are as follows...
His body will be received into Holy Rosary Church Oldham on Wednesday 25th October at 7pm, with concelebrated Mass.  His requiem will take place on Thursday 26th October at 11am, celebrated by Bishop John and priests of the diocese.  He will then be intered in Wardley Cemetery.

Cathy Fitzpatrick's report on the opening of "Hope in The Future"

Given to St Patrick's Parish Sunday 8:10:17

Wednesday 4th October – Call to the Cathedral for the launch of the programme “Hope in The Future”.


On Wednesday night I, along with Father Jim and parishioners from St Patrick’s and St Malachy’s churches went to the cathedral for the launch of the Bishop’s new Programme, “Hope in The Future”.

Each church was presented with a display of St. Damion’s Cross – St Damiano.

This is the cross that St Francis used in his daily prayer.   While he was at prayer one day, he received the message from God to rebuild my Church.  Realising sometime after, the message was much bigger than simply building churches, it was about the building up of faith, witness and people, and to bring new energy and spirit into the universal Church.  This was the birth of the Franciscan spirit, and Francis spent the last twenty years of his life spreading the message of simplicity, prayer, poverty, kindness, fraternity and community. throughout the world.

No wonder our present pontiff chose the name “Francis".

It is this same spirit we wish to nurture in our own Diocese of Salford, so that we can rebuild our churches, not with bricks and mortar, but with faith, prayer and charity.

The “Hope in the future” programme is a challenge to build on the good work already being accomplished in all our parishes.  The programme is very much, building upon what we already have, serving the particular needs of the local community, reaching out to parishioners who do not regularly attend church, and caring for our own local community.

“Hope in the future” is inspired by the teachings of Pope Francis in developing a missionary parish.


To achieve this, I am asking for volunteers to help form a parish team – this is an invitation to set out on a journey with the Lord, as a missionary disciple, as Fr. Jim and our other diocesan priests cannot do this on their own.

If you think –

You have a deep interest in the parish, and have a commitment of the church

Have an understanding to grow in the understanding of the mission

Have time and the willingness to make an effective contribution

Have ability to listen, with respect for others opinions

Have a love for people, with the ability to inspire others who are not members of the team

And are able to work as part of a team

We would like you to volunteer.

See Either Cathy Fitzpatrick or Fr Jim.

The first steps, once we have a team in place, is to meet together, may be a few times before Christmas, and each meeting will be no more than an hour in length.

Members of the Parish Team, must see their roll as partners with the Parish Priest, working closely together for the good of the whole parish.

The parish team will keep everyone informed through the newsletter.


You are invited to a number of....
Spirituality Talks
Our Conversation Matters

When:  Monday evenings.
Where: St. Sebastian’s Community Centre.
Time: 19.15 – 20.45
Dates:  October - 16th, 23rd and 30th.
             November - 6th, 13th, 20th.

Our Conversations will include:
                Songs that hold meaning for me.
                Prayer and my lived experience.
                Living in our world with a sense wonder.
                Celebrating Family life.
  • Sessions are a mix of input, conversation and reflection.
  • The atmosphere aims to be relaxing, reflective and conversational.
  • We are all on a journey.  When we journey together we support each other and learn from each other.
  • Anyone who is Open to LISTENING, to LEARNING, and to SHARING will enjoy and benefit from these sessions.
  • If you wish to attend some or all of the Conversations please ring or text Theresa Davis at 07 415 713 274.
I have just received the information below.  If this affects you, or you know someone who might like to attend, please pass on this information.  Thank you.

A Service of Remembrance for Lives Cut Short 
Friday 20 October 2017 7.30 p.m, Manchester Cathedral, Victoria Street, Manchester M3 1SX
Names are read out, candles lit and prayers said in memory of those whom we love but see no more.
The service is organised by supporters of SAMM (Support After Murder and Manslaughter),
a national network who offer support and help for families and friends bereaved through homicide.

Modern Slavery Survey 
We have been asked to circulate to parishes a survey on Modern Slavery. Full details can be found in the Letter from Bishop Patrick Lynch and the Santa Marta Group. 
In 2016, Pope Francis called Modern Slavery a ‘true crime against humanity’ and urged the Catholic Church to assist in the fight to eliminate it. The eradication of Modern Slavery was included in the United Nations Sustainable Development goals in 2015. As a Church we are in a privileged position as many of those exploited look to the church and come to the Church for help. In this survey we are asking you to help us identify these vulnerable communities – who they are, where they are, what they need, and what you need to support them effectively.

The purpose of the survey is to understand the awareness level of Modern Day Slavery / Human Trafficking and to decide the best form of action to prevent it.  The deadline is 16th October.
To access the survey online, please go to the link below and input the password: Bakhita https://stmarys.onlinesurveys.ac.uk/informational-survey-2017-modern-slavery

Just received news that The Irish Rambling House Show is coming to the Irish Centre.  See below.

Bishop John's pastoral letter, read by himself in video form.
He speaks about the new initiative "Hope in the future".
Please listen to what he has to say, and if you feel you are able to help out in any way in the parish, please come and see me soon, so we can discuss how you might be able to engage in the life of OUR parish.
Planning for your Catholic Funeral!!
This might seem a bit weird ,  but there is a Catholic web site that will help you plan for your funeral.  I feel it is important that you leave instructions in your will as to what you require for your funeral.  Many families who have children who have not attended mass for many years, will sometimes hold inappropriate services for parents who have been life long mass attendees.  See - http://www.artofdyingwell.org/catholic-funeral-planning-checklist/ which may well help you with the details of what you really want to happen when the time comes for your funeral to be arranged.
There is also information on the site with dealing with bereavement, which may help those who are left behind, dealing with emotional turmoil.