Newsletter for
29th Sunday 

Week beginning  17th October 2021

Mass & Service times for the coming week

Monday  -  NO MASS

Tue  - NO MASS

Wednesday 11.00am Requiem Mass

Thursday 11:45am Requiem Mass

Friday  9:15am Mass

Saturday Exposition 9:00am 9:30am Mass

 Confessions after Saturday morning Mass

Weekend Mass times 

Saturday - mass at 6:30pm St Malachy’s 

Sunday  - Mass @ 9:30am - St Patrick’s

11:30am Mass for the deaf in sign language (& voice over)


  1. Lately Dead

  1. Kathleen Reddy

    Nan Cassidy

    Terry Shaw

    Eileen Taylor

    Franklin Siewe

    Charlie McGee (Rochdale)


    Anna Than

    Joseph Fitzpatrick

    Catherine Orme

    James Ormrod**

    Davis Devine

    Jim Donnelly


  2. Special intentions 

    Alec & Vera Carey

    Elliot Campbell (Birthday)

    Anne Higgins (S)

    Sr. Angela

    Denis Dermody (Bir mem)

    Ernie Taylor

    Fr Raymond McKee

    Paul Whittle (S)

    St Maura Considine (30th Ann of Profession)

    Mary Boylan




Thanks to Fr Paul Daly for looking after you all this weekend!



Up & coming funerals

 Wed 20.10.21 @11am Requiem Margaret Conroy

Thur 21.10.21 @11:45am Requiem Doris Quinn

Fri 29.10.21 Requiem Francis Jennings

Please pray for the repose of the souls of those having requiem masses this week, also for their families, they need our spiritual support at this sad time.

Deaf Mass, Tuesday

Please note there will be no signed Mass on Tuesday this week, Fr Jim is away until Tuesday afternoon. 

COP26—Glasgow; 1st—12th November.

This is one of the most important meetings in our history as human beings, where our leaders set out to make changes that will help to save the environment for our children's children.  

Please pray for the success of this meeting.  Already the leader of China has pulled out, it is critical that this meeting makes all the right decisions for all of our futures.



October—Month of the Holy Rosary.  Rosary each Thursday in St Bridget’s room at 7pm.

Rosary— Every Tuesday evening at 7pm at St Malachy’s.  Please come and join in this holy devotion if you 

The return of Sunday Obligation to attend Mass

As you are all aware this obligation was removed at the beginning of the pandemic, it will be re-introduced on the first Sunday of Advent this year, please take note of this and  let other members of your family and friends know.


Holy Communion 2022

Is your child in year 5 or older, and wish to make their first Holy Communion in June 2022?   If so we intite parants and children to come to a meeting in St Patrick’s church on Manday 18th October at 7.00pm, in St Bridget’s Room. 

Please come through the convent garden and go under the arch, and into the side door of the church. The meeting will last one hour and we will explain all about the programme of preparation.

Please note, no morning mass Friday and Saturday this week


Children's Liturgy

  If your child, or someone you know would like to partake in this 

special liturgy for children, please listen at the beginning of Mass, when the children leave us.

Xavarian College

Xavarian collage are hosting an open day on Saturday 9th October and Sunday 17th October.  If you are interested in attending the college to see what they can offer you as you progress 

with your education, you can contact them on 0161 249 2145, or see their web site.



This Sunday there will be coffee served after the 10:30am Mass.

All very welcome to join us, and start to get back to some kind of normality.


Journey of Faith

Are you, or do you know someone who is interested in becoming a Catholic, or maybe just wanting to know more about the Catholic Faith?  If so, come and join us at the Presentation Convent, Livesey st (next to St Patrick’s School) 

on Tuesday 5th October from 7—8pm. For an introductory meeting about this “Journey of Faith”.  Should any Catholic wish to deepen their own faith and knowledge of God, you would also be most welcome, bring a friend!


I will resume hearing confessions this week after Saturday morning Mass.  This will NOT be in the confessional box, but behind a screen on the sanctuary.  This is the only way, I feel, to keep people safe.  It will be face to face confessions only.


Friday evening prayer group and fellowship is back!

Every Friday from 7—9pm.  In church, use side door.  All welcome.


Thanks for your ongoing co-operation.  Its wonderful to see people taking responsibility 

for keeping each other safe by continuing to wear masks. Thank you.

Tuesday Mass in sign language  - live streamed at 11am  - If you know someone who might be interested in this  mass, 

will you please pass on the information to them. Thank you.


Always room on the newsletter

If you have any information, or news that you would like to share with the parish communities, why not use the newsletter and the web site to do so. 

 Please write down any information and give it to Fr. Jim before noon on Fridays, when the Newsletter is put together.