Newsletter for 
28th Sunday Ordinary Time
week beginning 13th October 2019

Mass & Service Times for the coming week

Monday         no mass
Tuesday         9:15am Mass @ St Edmund’s School
Wednesday   9:15am Mass with St Patrick’s children
Thursday       9:15am Mass @ St Malachy’s
Friday             9:15am Mass
Saturday       9:00am Exposition  9:30am Mass


Weekend Masses  

Saturday                 6:30pm St Malachy's

Sunday                   9:30am  Mass at St Patrick's

                                11:30am  Mass in Sign Language         

Masses received this week
Please pray for the intention of the donor 

Lately Dead
Mamie Gray
John Clancy
Kitty Tierney
Joan Macintosh
Gus Macintosh
Cecilia Clancy
Alic Crosse
Lily Driscoll
P.J. Halleran
Jeff Kelly
June Dowe

Catherine Orme
Joseph Fitzpatrick
<M<artin Francis Corrigan

Special Intentions
Alex Carey
Maurice Curran
Joan Perristar (Bir mem)
Bernard Walker (Bir)
Catherine Hogan Harrinton (S)
Joan McGWiggin (Bir)
Betty Green (S)
Maureen Carrol (Bir Mem)**
1 Special Intention
Jimmy Scott (Bir)
Sr. Irene (Bir)
Gerry Willis (Bir)
Yip Har**
Cheung Yuk Ying**
Tang A.H. Ping**
In thanksgiving


Christmas Draw
There is a poster at the back of Church looking for help with the prizes for this years Grand Christmas draw.    
SVP Collection - last weekend
The total for last weeks collection was, £240. Thanks so much for your wonderful generosity.  The money will be put to good use.  If you might be interested in becoming a member of the SVP, please have a word with Ged Downy after mass today. God Bless - Ged.

Annual Mass for the dead
This will take place here at St Patrick’s on Friday 15th November at 7pm, followed by light refreshments. If you are able to come, please do.  It is a tradition the church has had since the beginning, to pray for our deceased brothers and sisters.

Mary’s Meals
The total is now running at £4289.65, as always an enormous thank you to those who support this wonderful charity.
Thank you

Thank you to the anonymous person who made a large donation last week to the Good Life Orphanage, Mary and Kevin (the founders) were so grateful, and sent their thanks on behalf of all the children.

Christmas Fair
The Fair this year will take place on Sunday 24th November, more information to follow.  Also raffle tickets will be available next week.  There is a notice looking for help with prizes for the raffle, if you can help we would be most grateful.

Christmas Dance
This will be on Friday 13th December - tickets available soon.

Sunday Morning Refreshments after Mass at St Patrick’s
Due to the rising costs of Tea, coffee and biscuit, we are asking for a minimum donation of 20p per adult drink; children's juice and drinks remain free.
Thank you  - the Coffee and Tea Team

THANKS also to the person who donated tea bags, biscuits and a £20 donation towards the refreshments after Mass, much appreciated!

October - The Month of The Holy Rosary
Rosary will be prayed each Thursday evening at St Patrick’s at 7pm in St Bridget’s Room. Also each Tuesday in St Malachy’s Church again at 7pm.  Please come along if you can.

Early notice
Slight change to Mass time on Saturday 2nd November.
Mass will be at 10am and exposition will be at 9:30am.  This change is due to the fact that mass that day will be offered by Fr. David Ryder for the deceased members of the St Vincent de Paul Society.

Journey of Faith
Are you, or is there someone you know, thinking about becoming a Catholic, or maybe just wanting to know more about the Catholic Faith?  If so, come along to the Presentation Convent, Livesey St (next to St Patrick’s School) on Tuesday 8th October at 7 - 8pm, for an introductory meeting about this ‘Journey of Faith’. 
Should any Catholic wish to deepen their faith and knowledge of God, they are equally welcome to come along.  
St Patrick’s Sacramental Programme 2019 - 2020
There is a meeting for the parents  and children in year three  who wish to make their First Holy Communion in June 2020. 
The meeting will be on Monday 7th October at 7pm in St Patrick’s Church.  Also, if your child is in years 4, 5 or 6, and has not yet made their First Holy Communion please come, with your child to this meeting,
If you child attends a Non Catholic School, but attends St Patrick’s Church, you are also invited to come to this meeting. -  Thank you - the Sacramental Programme Team.

NEW - Catholic Hub 
Prayer. Music. Fellowship.
Salford Cathedral 2nd Saturday of the month 7:30pm - 10:00pm
For all young adults 18+ - See poster at the back of church.