Newsletter for 
6th week of Easter
week beginning 26th May 2019

Mass & Service Times for the coming week

MONDAY            NO MASS


WEDNESDAY  Funeral at 10am

THURSDAY            9:15AM IN CHURCH

Friday                     9:15AM IN CHURCH

SATURDAY       9am Exposition & Rosary  9:30am  Mass

Weekend Masses

Saturday                 6:30 Mass at St Malachy;s

Sunday                   9:30am Mass at St Patrick's

                                11:30am  Mass in Sign Language



Masses received this week
Please pray for the intention of the donor 

Lately Dead
Mary Bates

Gerald Burke
John O’Dowd
Maria Lucy Phuong
Ronnie Storah

Special Intentions
Alex Carey *
Ann Hesketh (S)
Rosanna Campbell**
John Lynch (Bit mem)
Michael Martin (S)


A reminded - Introduction to sign language
Class tfour will be at 7pm on Wednesday this week. If you go to the parish web site and click on the button at the top “intro to BLS” you will see a video of everything we learned in class one and two & 3 so far!.  See you on Wednesday!

Funeral information
The Requiem mass for the late Mary Bates will be on Wednesday 29th May at 10:30am.
The Requiem mass for the late Vincent Collins will be on Thursday 6th June at 10:ooam.

Annual Madonna Del Rosario Procession
Starting at St Michael’s Ancoates on Sunday 7th July 1pm.  This procession of witness is growing in strength every yuear, please come along and join in if you can.

St Patrick's  F P Association -  are holding their annual Whitsun Dance at St Herberts Parish Centre , Broadway, on Friday 7th  June from 8-00pm, Tickets priced  £6-00  can be obtained from  Pat O'Dowd. 0161-643-5225 and Peter Hovington  01706-369749.  or any committee member.

Quarant ‘Ore
40 hours addoration of the Blessed Sacrament - Friday 21st June with opening Mass at 5:30pm at the Oratory Church of St Chad - Cheetham Hill Road - Manchester.  See poster for more information.

Organ recital
Stephen Mann will be giving an Organ recital here in St Patrick’s on 5th July.  He will perform a host of well loved classical pieces, I am sure you will recognise them all.  The acoustics in our church are made for this kind of organ recital, so put the date in your diary!  Entry is free, but there will be a retiring collection to help raise money to have our organ overhauled.  See the poster at the back of church for more information on what Stephen will be playing. 

Early Notice
Change of Mass times
On the weekend of 15th &16th June, the Deaf community are celebrating 90 years of the founding of St Joseph’s Mission to Deaf People.  The Bishop is coming to celebrate Mass with them; he has also indicated he will use that weekend as his parish pastoral visit, and so will say all the masses that weekend.
Because the mass with the deaf is on the Saturday evening I am having to re-arrange the mass times for that weekend.  They will be as follows:
 Saturday  5pm St Patrick’s - Mass celebrating 90 years of SJMDP
 Sunday    9:30am Mass at St Malachy’s with the Bishop
 Sunday    11.00am  Hearing and Deaf combined mass at St Patrick’s with the Bishop
I appreciate there is always difficulty when mass times are changed, but this is the only way to fit in the masses with the Bishop.  Also, this is why I am giving you this extended notice, so that you will be able to make best provisions for that weekend.  I feel it is very important for the whole community that we show good numbers to the Bishop, please make every effort to be there.  May thanks.

First Holy Communion 2019
St Patrick’s & St Edmund's schools will celebrate their first Holy Communion together at St Patrick’s church on Saturday 8th June at 10am.
The children of St Malachy’s will celebrate their 1st Holy Communion on Saturday 22nd June at 10am in St Malachy’s Church.

Please remember to pray for all our children in this important time of their Catholic journey.

Annual Cemetery Mass
This will take place at St Joseph’s Cemetery, on 27th May at 11am.  It is a time when families come together to remember and to pray for  their loved ones buried in the cemetery, and especially those who have gone to God in the past 12 months. All are welcome to come along. If it is wet that day, the mass will be held in St Dunstan’s church.

Early Notice
Visitation of some Sisters from Belarus
On the weekend of 8th & 9th June, we will be visited by a congregation of Sisters from Belarus.  They will be bringing with them religious goods to sell, this is to help raise money to keep their convent up and running, so please support them if you are able.  I will remind you of this visit again next week.
Now we Pray for the sick of the Parish
O God, your Son accepted our sufferings to teach us the virtue of patience in human illness. Hear the prayers we offer for our sick brothers and sisters. May all who suffer pain, illness or disease realise that they are chosen to be saints, and know that they are joined to Christ in his suffering for the salvation of the world. Amen.