Newsletter for
13th Sunday Ordinary Time
Week beginning 26th June 2022

Masses  this coming week

Monday—No Mass

Tue -  No Mass

Wed - 9:15am Mass & 7pm (in sign)

Thu –No Mass

Friday— Mass 1pm - First Holy Communions  @ St Patrick’s for children from St Edmunds school

Sat -  No Mass

Weekend Masses
St Malachy's Saturday 6:30pm
St Patrick's 9:30am & 11:30am in Sign

Mass & Service times for the coming week.

Lately Dead

Fr Moss O’Connell

Noreen Boyle

Willie Buckley**


Frank Campbell

Baby Isabelle Rose Storah (1st A)


Special Intentions

Alex & Vera Carey

Joseph Fynan

Fr Peter Maloney (S)*

Sr Philomena (Platinum Jubilee)

Fr Paul Fletcher (Silver Jubilee)

The Sandham Family

Monica Dynan (S)

Muredach Dynan (Bir mem)

Pat Hutton (Bir Mem)


Father’s Day

Anthony Dyer


Fr Jim is leaving!

This weekend is my last weekend as Parish Priest of St. Patrick’s, St. Malachy’s and SJMDP.  

I will be moving to Mosley on Friday this week, after the last of the First Holy Communions, for the children of St Edmunds School.

What can I say? Other than thank you to you all.  It has been a pleasure serving you for the past 5 years, (and 7yrs for the deaf community). 


I have met some wonderful people along my journey here, and feel that I have made some friends for life.  

I ask that you continue to pray for me as I move parishes, as I will keep you all in my daily prayers.  

There are so many people I would like to thank individually, but I am terrified I might forget someone; so, you know who you are, 

all those lovely people who have helped me in so many ways, not only physically in the jobs that you do 

but also in the many experiences I have had along the way, memories I will take with me and treasure. 

They’ told me before I came here, that the people of Collyhurst were unique,


and that has been proved to be true, with some of the biggest funerals I have ever seen,


showing the support people here have for one another, and the many things that you have accomplished together as a community. 


I wish each and everyone of you the best of luck for the future and may God continue to bless you all.

Fr Peter is now home from hospital, and he also would like me to add his thanks 

for the many kindnesses shown to him in his retirement among us; especially in his recent illness 

with all the love and prayers he has received since his stroke.  

He continues to make good progress, and I pray that he will make a full recovery in the coming months. 


So on behalf of both of us, a huge thank you to you all.


The Day for Life

Retiring collection

Last week

Thank you to all those who supported Day for Life retiring collection last week, you raised £94.58, which will be sent off this week.


Holy Day of Obligation

Please note Wednesday this week is the feast of Sts. Peter & Paul and a holy day, masses at 9:15am & 7pm in sign.


Father Doctor Gerard Fieldhouse-Byrne is presenting a talk with a Questions & Answers session for those aged 12 - 25, on topic: 

’WHAT DO I WANT TO BE and HOW CAN THE CATHOLIC CHURCH HELP ME ?’, followed by mass, open to everyone in your parishes.

            Sunday 03-07-2022 at St Patrick’s church
           1.30 - 2.30pm Friend-making lunch
                 2.30 - 4pm Talk, Questions & Answers session
           4.00 - 4.30pm Confession
              4.30 - 5.30pm Mass


Contact for more details: Tan at

YOU are invited! Do come along to make new friends, to share your view on the practice of the Catholic faith. 

You’ll find the day informal, interesting, useful and at ease with your own peers.

Reverend Doctor Gerard Fieldhouse-Byrne studied for the Priesthood at the Venerable English College in Rome and was ordained in July 1998. He has a Masters in Spirituality from the

 Angelicum University in Rome, a Masters in Clinical Social Work and a Doctorate in Counselling from Boston University, USA. He was appointed executive director of St Luke’s Centre Manchester in 2005


Manchester Festival—“Something for Everyone”

1-3 July 2022—Wythenshaw Park This is for children, Youth,

adults and churches.  For more information go to


Please pray for our children

Please pray for the year three children who  this Friday will be making their first Holy Communion. 

Congratulations to the children of St. Malachy’s who made their 1st Holy Communion on Friday.

The caritas’ big sleepout.

Friday the 16th of September 2022 at two locations in Manchester and Bury. Secure your place now for Caritas’ biggest annual event. 

Please help us to raise awareness and money for CARITAS projects. No one has to sleep rough. For further information, please go to

Hospital chaplaincy—A reminder

Manchester Royal Infirmary, st Marys,  Manchester Children’s Hospital, Manchester Eye Hospital, Trafford General and the Christie, Salford Royal or Wythenshawe,  and North Manchester hospital. 

If you have a relative or a friend who is an inpatient and would like a Catholic chaplain to visit them for pastoral support. Please contact the Chaplaincy Office on all 1612768792.


 Confirmation classes.

Confirmation classes are now running every Thursday evening between 6:30 and 7:30. These classes are for all children in year eight and year 9. 

If you would like to make your confirmation this year, please come to these classes at the Presentation Convent on Livsey St.

Confirmation classes are now running every Thursday evening between 6:30 and 7:30. 

These classes are for all children in year eight and year 9. If you would like to make your confirmation this year, please come to these classes at the convent on Livsey St.


 First Holy Communion 2022

The following are the dates for  the first Holy Communions this year for all the children on the Sacramental Programme.

THIS Friday 24th June - 1:30pm for St Malachy's children at St Malachy’s

Friday 1st July -  1:30pm for St Edmund’s children at St Patrick’s


The banners - Madonna del  Rosario procession

We  still need a number of strong volunteers to help carry the banner in the annual Madonna del Rosario procession which I think is on the 3rd of July this year.  

Volunteers have come forward from St Patrick’s but still needed for St Malachy’s banners, if you can help please see Fr. Jim