I love it when this kind of thing happens, this man is a lovely singer, but watch what happens when a stranger joins in....
Some people are just sooooo talented, check out this one man singing sensation.
I love people who have incredible talent who just seem to do what they do effortlessly. 
Like the man in this video.
There is just something rather beautiful about this video.  Makes you want to be part of the team, or at least it makes you feel like you wish your team mates could be like this.
And people complain that the underground in London is overcrowded.
Sounds good in here.

Here is a man with an interesting take on his new container.....
what else would you do in it but sing?

If you have not heard Demach before you are not going to believe how high he can sing!
Some people are incredibly talented, some are just insane 
DO NOT try this at home!